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  • Sale! Soap Dispenser for kitchen and homeSoap Dispenser for kitchen and home

    Liquid Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder for Kitchen Sink Dishwasher (2 in 1 Durable & Rustproof, 380 ml 1 Sponge Free)

    • Innovative Design Allows for One-Handed Use
    • Dispense the Perfect Amount of Dish Soap Directly onto the Sponge
    • 2 in 1 Dispenser + Caddy
    • Cleaning dishes is about to get a whole lot faster with this Soap Pump & Sponge Holder.
    • Use it with Your Favorite Dish Soap
    • When you need more, just pump again for another shot of soap.

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  • Sale! black head remover

    Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Pimple Extractor Skin Care Facial Vacuum Machine for Women and Men

    • Reduce Blackhead and Impurities
    • Adjustable Strength Level Function
    • Powerful Pore Vacuum
    • Suitable For All Types of Skins
    • 4 Interchangeable Suction Head

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  • Sale! Resistance Exercise Bands with Door AnchorResistance Exercise Bands with Door Anchor

    Resistance Exercise Bands with Door Anchor And Waterproof Carry Bag

    • 5 Colors Levels of Resistance: Black (30 lbs.), Green(15 lbs.), Blue (25 lbs.), Red (15 lbs.), and Yellow (10 lbs.).
    • Suitable For Any Fitness Level.
    • 100% Natural Latex : each band is three layered and carefully constructed, strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity.
    • Your Personal Home Gym : Perfect for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc.
    • Premium Quality Materials : Made of natural latex.
    • Foam-coated handles : Anti-Slip and sweat-wicking, protecting your hands better.

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  • Water Temperature Bottle flask

    Smart LED Temperature Display With Touch Screen Water Bottle (500ML Stainless Steel)

    • Smart Temperature Display With Touch Screen
    • Keep All Day Hot(Keep 12Hrs Hot) or Cold(Keep 12Hrs Cold)
    • Made of Premium Material
    • Modern Design & Latest Version
    • Upgraded LED screen allows you easily read even outdoor.

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  • Sale! laptop standergonomic laptop stand

    Laptop Stand Adjustable Ergonomic Portable for All Type of Laptop Notepad & Mobile

    • Multi-Angle Adjustable Design:- laptop stand provides 6-speed adjustable height(5.5-15.5cm), adjust to comfortable operating angle based on your actual need; Ergonomic design makes for health working, relieving neck, shoulder, and spinal pain.
    • Cooling & Ventilation Design:- Foldable desktop laptop holder can raises computer thus offers an open space, airflow is increased significantly around the areas of laptop most vulnerable to overheating, preventing your laptop from overheating during use.
    • Fully Foldable:- Laptop stand fully foldable, light weight at 260gm only and extremely handy to carry in your office bag [Increases laptop life]-keeps your laptop cooler so the battery life and internal components life also improves

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  • Sale! Hair Curlerhow to curl hair

    Hair Curler Iron Rod Brush Styler for Women Professional Hair Curler

    • Be the girl in curls, and let the Salon Finish Hair Curler give you a salon-like makeover.
    • Curler is equipped with a ceramic coated tong which is resistant to heat and avoids damage to your hair.
    • The curler heats up in 30 seconds and lets you curl your hair when you are in a rush.
    • The cool tip gives you the freedom to hold the curler with both hands and provides you safety from the heated tong.

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  • Sale! nova hair curliernova hair curlier

    Nova 2 in 1 Hair Beauty Set Straight and Curl Premium Quality

    • Hair Curling and straightening: Pressing and Curls your hair is now a simple and hassle-free process thanks to this hair styler.
    • Curl your hair easily and conveniently to get a stylish look.
    • Nova Premium Hair Styler – pink is easy to store, easy to travel with and easy to us.
    • This Hair Beauty Set heats up in 30 seconed.

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  • Sale! Nova Hair DryerNova Hair Dryer

    New Nova Foldable Hair Dryer Super Quality Hot and Cold Wind Low Noise 1000W

    • Advanced concentrator technology with quick-heat head
    • Compact design for easy handling; easy storage hook for convenient storage
    • Product is HOT AIR dryer , 2 Flexible Heat Setting for careful drying
    • There are two settings for drying speed (low, high); the motor speed is regulated to cater to these settings perfectly. There will not be any issue on fan speeds at low, high settings

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  • Sale! 2 in 1 eyebrow trimmer2 in 1 rechargeable eyebrow trimmer

    2 in 1 Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer and Hair Remover for All Body Parts


    【High Quality】ABS body and stainless steel cutter head for eco-friendly and durable using. 18K gold plated rounded blade head for efficient and safe hair removal.
    【2 In 1 Design】Designed with replaceable head, equipped with 2 heads. One for refined eyebrow trimming, the other for larger area hair trimming.
    【One for All】Can be widely used for eyebrow, fingers, bikini part, armpit, legs, arms, and more. You can solve all the hair troubles just with this one razor.
    【Efficient Cutter】Turbine-shape knife head, with three built-in blades, efficient net design, this tool is effective for portable and safe using, preventing users from being scratched.

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  • Sale! Healthy Spray Mop

    Spray Mop Cleaning Healthy Spray Mops Floor Cleaner

    • The 360-degree swivel head is a perfect mop to easy and quickly clean the dirt at each corner of your home.
    • One microfiber pad thoroughly cleans multiple spaces up to 1000 square feet.
    • Emits even mists for mopping simply by a light squeeze of the trigger.
    • The strong aluminum design makes it durable and ultra-light.
    • The spray covers the full width of the mop head, and the spray mist provides just enough moisture to clean your floors without damaging wood floors.

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  • Sale! Smart Cutter Kitchen Tool

    Original Smart Cutter – 2 in 1 Superior Quality Kitchen Knife

    • Colour:-Black,silver
    • Just think how many kitchen knives and cutlery this single tool can replace. You get the idea!
    • Slicing, cutting and chopping is made easier with this great combination of food chopper and cutting board.
    • Premium import quality stainless steel is used to make the great blades.
    • This Is A Branded Stylish Product Buy Only From New Town Style, Please Beware Of Fake Unbranded Inferior Quality Product Sold By Other Sellers.

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  • Sale! Multipurpose Vegetable CutterMultipurpose Vegetable Cutter



    ✅100% brand new and high quality.
    ✅This food Slicer is made from top-quality PP plastic and stainless steel that is 100% safe and free from toxic materials.
    ✅9 in 1 multi-function to allow you to quickly adjust to your prep needs.
    ✅Time saving slicer: Preparing vegetables is easier than ever when using this food Slicer! Quickly cut, slice, or julienne your favorite vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchinis or onions in seconds!
    ✅Get the party going in less time so that you can actually enjoy it!
    ✅For protecting your finger, this vegetable dicer is designed with molded finger guard that ensure total safety and stability when you slice and dice carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, cheeses etc.

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  • Sale! 5 in 1 Messager5 in 1 Messager

    5-In-1 Smoothing Body Face Beauty Care Facial Massager

    • 💅Feature: Crude Polish Accessory: To Rip The Tough Skin And Cut In Off. Latex Soft Sponge For Eye, Cheek Massaging. Make -Up Sponge: To Massage And Clean Your Skin
    • 💅Rolling Massager: To Make Better Blood Circumstances From Skin Aging. Soft Brush To: Clear All The Scurf Clings On The Surface.
    • 💅Massage And Application Of Cream To Better Penetrate The Skin And Keep It Nourished And Hydrated. Removing Hard Cells Under Foot Or Elbow. bullet-point
    • 💅Size: 13×4.5cm Specifications: Exfoliating of dead skin cells to reveal a roseate ,youthful skin.
    • 💅Lightweight Massager and Easy to use portable travel size

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  • Sale! Pepeer GrinderPepeer Grinder

    Stainless Steel Thumb Push Salt Pepper Muller Grinder | Hand Grinder Machine for Home Spices, Manual Operation, Silver (1)

    • STAINLESS STEEL LID CAPS = FRESH SPICES & CLEAN COUNTERS : Our tightly sealed stainless steel lid keeps your Himalayan sea salt, peppercorn medley, spices or herbs fresh and long lasting by keeping out moisture.
    • The salt and pepper grinders have the grinding mechanism on the top of the shakers, ensuring salt and pepper ends up only on your food, not all over your table or counter.

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  • Sale! Fish Skin RemoverFish Skin Remover

    Fish Scales Skin Remover & Fast Cleaner | Home Kitchen Clean Tools

    • [Fast Descaling and safe] Fish scale remover scraper can remove fish scales very fast and it can prevent you from cutting your hand when using because of its non-sharp design
    • [Collects fish scales Effectively] The fish scaler collecting case with closed lid collects fish scales when you use and keeps your kitchen and surroundings clean.
    • [Easy to clean] It is very easy and convenient to wash the fish scale remover. The handle of the Fish scaler is provided with hanging holes so that it can be hung and placed neatly.
    • [Ergonomic Design] The Fish scaler has an ergonomic design which is very comfortable to hold and use.
    • [Easy and safe to use] The Fish Scaler is very easy to use and clears the mess. It is a must have kitchen tool in your smart kitchen.

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  • Sale! body scrubberBody Scrubber

    Silicon Body Scrubber | Back Scrubber

    • Functional cleaning towel brush – 1cm brush head that quickly foams and penetrates into pores to clean dirt and exfoliates the body for smoother and fresher skin.
    • Double-sided handle – Designed with handles on each end for convenience and comfort while holding and using.
    • Ideal for all body types – Suitable for children, elderly, and both genders as well as most skin types.
    • Durable materials – Made with food-grade silicone for excellent toughness, strong tensile strength, durability, and heat resistance.
    • Safe and gentle on skin – Health and environmental-friendly, free from BPA and harmful substances that’s safe and non-toxic on the skin and perfect for daily use.
    • Easy to clean and store – Simply wash with soap and water and use handles to suspend or hang on the wall to save space.

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